Our commitment to become a social impact organisation!

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Our commitment to become a social impact organisation!

Our commitment to you is to:
1) continue to offer the best quality products available and to provide lab testing reports to demonstrate this.
2) keep the costs fair in relation to the strength and quality of the product and our business costs, which are low but need to be covered.
3) we will continue to help customers understand how to know what to look out for when buying CBD - even if it isn’t from us!
4) to commit to being a Social Business.
So what is a ‘Social’ Business?
It is our intention to become a 'Social' Business and to become more than just a profit making enterprise. A social business, often also referred to as a ‘Social Impact’ Business, is an organisation that creates profit whilst still being committed to creating social good, either via a percentage of that profit being given to charities and social enterprises, either locally or nationally, or by providing Cannabis products to people who would benefit from it but are unable to afford it.
We are currently committing our spare time (which is what we can afford to commit to in these early days of the business) to take our family hound, Harry to meet the residents of a local mental health centre and to continue his work with children with learning disabilities. Mr Canni (aka Charlie) is helping to set up a unique homeless project called the Solidarity Shelter in North London and Mrs Canni (aka Zoe) is helping to launch a Sustainable living gaming app called www.Ecoedlife.com which aims to educate people of all ages regarding their daily habits and inspire new actions to live a greener life. 
We hope that this ‘Social Impact’ work will enable us to establish The Canni Family and to go on to deliver the next stage of our commitment to giving away a percentage of our profit and/or bottles of products and eventually maybe even set up a Foundation to educate young people around the importance of nutrition.
We just wanted to share our thoughts with you and if you have any further suggestions about how we could make more of an impact as we grow please let us know.
Kind regards
The Canni Family
Thank you for reading our blog and if you are interested in trying any of our products please use the code CB10 for a 10% discount on your first order at checkout.


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