About Us

Welcome to The Canni Family!

Love Purple People Ltd (aka The Canni Family) was launched just before the Billy Caldwell story hit the press. My husband Charlie and I had spent a year trying all of the main Cannabis/Hemp Oil and Water Soluble products on the market and finally decided to import the one we found to be most beneficial. 

Our products were also tested by both the Association of Systematic Kinesiologists (now the Kinesiology Association) and the International College of Applied Kinesiology, as they believed ours were one of the best on the market and we are now recommended to their members to provide to their clients. We are also proud members of the Cannabis Trade Association.

Some people thought we were mad but we are so passionate about this product and we wanted ours to not only be of the highest quality available on the market but to also have clear product labelling at the fairest price we could offer.

We are delighted to say that within two years we have won three awards - 'CBD Product Supplier of the Year 19/20' from Corporate LiveWire, LuxLife Magazine and the Global Health and Pharma Group. We have also gained 5* and a rating of excellent from both TrustPilot and SafeBuy and a ‘Green’ Cambis CBD Trust Mark.

Who are The Canni Family?

Mr Canni (aka Charlie) spent 20 years working with the street homeless of London and is currently setting up a network of homeless shelters in north London.

Mrs Canni (aka me Zoe) has worked in both the Private and Public sector doing Marketing and Communications for the last 20 years however more recently she has had the important role of looking after little boy Canni (aka Sam), who features in our logo, as does our Canni Dog (Aka Harry) who spends his time going into schools as a therapy dog or sleeping.

Mrs Canni is also passionate about the environment and has launched a Green Living App called Ecoed - helping individuals to have fun, learn, and take action around their daily habits to help the planet!

Mrs Canni (aka Zoe) was recently interviewed on the Simone Bell podcast 'Ideas to Implementation' where she explains about why she started The Canni Family. Click on the image below to start the show and see Mrs Canni in person:


Why did we choose the name The Canni Family?

Firstly and foremost we are a family run business and we chose Canni as we felt it alludes to Cannabis but not obviously. Mr Canni (aka) Charlie is also a pure bred cockney and Canni means clever, which we felt had a nice additional meaning.                    
The company name is Love Purple People Ltd (Trading as The Canni Family) because our son’s second word was purple, his first was ‘Harry No!’ who is our very large hound.        
Secondly, because we spoke to lots of people about Cannabis/ CBD oil and one of their key concerns was that the word cannabis or that cannabis leaves would appear on the delivery envelope, in their cupboards on the bottle (ripe for nosey relatives), or on bank statements so we thought this name gave nothing away. Finally one day we would like to grow the business and offer other products and services that we love so it gives us room to grow.

Our Mission at The Canni Family


We hope to not only bring the highest quality CBD products to as many people who would benefit from them as possible but also to help educate people around what to look out for when buying CBD oil. Also we are aiming to set up a truly social business that not only gives a percentage of all purchases to charity but to also set up a foundation supporting projects that we think truly make an impact.

Thank you for becoming part of our extended Canni Family and please get in touch with any questions to zoe@thecannifamily.co.uk

Thank you for reading our About Us section and if you are interested in trying any of your products please use the code CB10 for a 10% discount on your first order at checkout.

We look forward to hearing from you! 
Charlie and Zoe 


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