What is meant by Homeostasis in the body and how can CBD help to maintain this balance?

Homostatis -

What is meant by Homeostasis in the body and how can CBD help to maintain this balance?

Why is Homeostasis crucial for our bodies balance?

Homeostasis, as currently defined, is 'a self-regulating process by which biological systems maintain stability while adjusting to changing external conditions.' The “stability” or balance that the organism reaches is rarely around an exact point (such as the idealised human body temperature of 37 °C [98.6 °F]).

Almost all living organisms widely exhibit homeostasis or a level of balance. It is constantly happening which is almost impossible to find any organism that does not perform it. The following are just a few examples from the human body and our ecosystems.

1. Maintenance of Body Temperature

2. Maintenance of Glucose Level

3. Protection From infection

4. Maintenance of Blood Pressure

5. Maintenance of Fluid Volume

6. Maintenance of Breathing Patterns

7. Removal of Wastes/Toxins

8. Regulation of Light Entry in Eyes

9. Stable Population in An Ecosystem

What sends our bodies out of Homeostasis / balance?

However, a wide variety of factors such as lifestyle, diet, stress, heat, etc., can cause certain conditions within the body to fluctuate leading to unwanted consequences within the body. To ensure that the body continues to function properly, various bodily functions and systems will adjust in order to restore a state of equilibrium through individual yet interdependent processes. 

How does CBD help to maintain Homeostasis?

The answer lies within the Endocannabinoid System, which consists of cell receptors and corresponding molecules in our bodies. CBD binds with these receptors to create Homeostatsis. But how? Read on to find out....

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  • Abdulai Sumaya

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