What is the Cambis CBD Trust Mark? - The Canni Family Got Green!

What is the Cambis CBD Trust Mark? - The Canni Family Got Green!

In June 2019, the Centre for Medicinal Cannabis (CMC) examined and tested 30 U.K CBD products and the results were startling.  Only 11/29 (38%) of the products were within 10% of the CBD content that was advertised on the label, 11/29 products (38%) had less than 50% of the advertised CBD content and one product had 0% CBD.

Whilst this report is shocking, it also leaves consumers very confused about what products to buy, which brands to choose and, in some cases, understandably reluctant to try CBD at all. How are consumers meant to know what products are safe and contain the ingredients that they are expecting?

This report demonstrates that standards within the CBD industry need to be set higher in order to win the trust of the consumer. How are some CBD companies selling such products, online or on the high street, that are not what they claim to be? The CBD Trust Mark from Cambis Health, launched in conjunction with our Home Office approved laboratory partner, is intended to address the lack of consumer confidence within the CBD industry.

Based around the traffic light system seen on food packaging, the Cambis Trust Mark is an effective tool for both consumers and CBD brands and The Canni Family are the first company in the World to be awarded the Green Mark.
The Trust Mark is designed to empower and simplify consumer purchase decisions by delivering a layer of trust and transparency to CBD products and the CBD sector as a whole. As an instantly recognisable ‘badge’ of trust displayed on the packaging of CBD products, the Cambis Trust Mark is a registered design in the United Kingdom and throughout all 28 member states of the European Union.


Cambis Health purchases products directly or via an affiliate from a CBD suppliers store or via their website. It is then tested for CBD % levels and checked that it has a Best Before date. Learn more about the Cambis Trust Mark traffic light system and what it means.

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Cambis are committed to ensuring clarity for consumers of CBD and our next step will be to include that same level of clarity on THC levels. We are working hard to get that legal clarification and finding a meaningful way to include that into the Trust Mark.

The latest clarification on the levels of individual THC elements that are included in the 1mg per pack can be read in full on the .gov website.

They think that this will become even clearer in the next few months once the Novel Foods Application process has taken place for the first few CBD brands. We are also looking at how we help brands and consumers to understand this given that it’s pretty complicated.  

Who is Cambis Health?

Cambis is very much ‘for the people’ and this is reflected in the culture that we have built and the core values that we adhere to.

Their focus is on empowering consumers, patient communities and fellow advocates of plant-based wellness products and medicines and these groups have always been front and centre in our minds.

Cambis is a healthcare company at the forefront of cannabinoid and psychotherapeutic science and technology in association with a leading UK University who have a Home Office license to test and research UK controlled substances.

Cambis Health exists to create confidence for consumers in the CBD Industry and rapidly emerging psychotherapeutics category, initially across Europe. Part of their business is in developing proprietary formulations and psychotherapeutics that demonstrate superior safety and efficacy to address mental health issues in global populations.

“Reputable CBD brands should provide online Certificates of Analysis for their products. However, for the most part these are science heavy laboratory reports that the everyday consumer will have no chance of understanding.  In addition, these reports are usually provided by the CBD wholesaler therefore U.K brands have to put their trust in them and hope that they are accurate – it is a brand’s reputation that suffers if they are found not to be.  At Cambis, we are not here to police the CBD industry or pass judgement on brands – we report the facts as we find them and enable consumers to make more informed purchase decisions.  Based on clear science and guidance regarding the amount of CBD in their chosen products, and that they are within a reasonable date range for consumption when purchased, we answer consumers’ most frequently asked question concerning CBD – DOES IT DO WHAT IT SAYS ON THE TIN? We are delighted to have awarded the first ‘Green’ Mark to The Canni Family” Damion Carruel, CEO, Cambis Health Ltd

Find out more about the Cambis Health mission and the people that make up the Cambis Health management team.

Thank you for reading our blog and if you are interested in trying any of our products please use the code CB10 for a 10% discount on your first order at checkout.

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