What are the 3 essential things to look for when purchasing Cannabis products?

What are the 3 essential things to look for when purchasing Cannabis products?

Here are our top 3 tips for buying Cannabis products which came from a year of doing our own research, trying all of the leading brands on the market and being in all honesty completely baffled about what we were buying!!

  1. If the label doesn’t clearly state the milligrams of Cannabis extract within the product either as per serving/drop/bottle then we recommend you choose another brand. 
  1. We have heard some horror stories lately about people buying products that not only contain rancid oil but also higher than legal levels of THC, in one case a lady took some oil unaware of these levels and was required to take a drug test at work and it came out positive. The Cannabis Trade Association have also tested a selection of products available on Ebay and all of them either contained less than stated amounts of Cannabis extract or no Cannabis extract at all. Please buy from reputable sources - more expensive doesn’t mean better quality and the only way to be sure of what is in the product is to request to see the Independent Lab testing reports. We provide them on our website as do many other leading brands so make sure you can see clearly what is in the product you are buying and more importantly what isn’t (THC!)
  1. If a company is making medical claims, doesn’t have clear labelling regarding the mgs of Cannabis extract in their products, chooses not to display information about their products and what they contain in the form of reports DON’T BUY THEM! As members of the Cannabis Trade Association (CTA) we must comply to the MHRA regulations and FSA and also we must provide lab reports, clear labelling and sell our products only as a food supplement. There are brands that choose not to be members of the association that are still very good quality HOWEVER the only way to really guarantee quality is to choose a brand that is a member, so look out for the CTA label.

We hope this helps you find the best products out there and if you would like to try ours please use this discount code: CB10 at the checkout to receive 10% off all items from your first order.

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