We need to talk about Psychedelics....

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We need to talk about Psychedelics....

From legitimate medication in the 60's to a party drug in the 70's psychedelics  similar to Cannabis, have received a bad rep!

However it would appear that with the legalisations of Psychedelic 'treatment' in many states in the US and the growing public interest in the UK for mental health treatment it is looking like they are making returning as a legitimate form of treatment (although we are loathed to say this!) so lets stick with therapy.

If you have an interest in this area and haven't yet seen the recent BBC2 programme 'Psychedelics - The Drug Trail' then we can highly recommend it. Along with Fantastic Fungi on Netflix.

If your interested but prefer to read or use audible - Michael Pollen 'How To Change Your Mind' gives both a plotted history of Psychedelics and a balance view on there use both therapeutically and recreationally. 

The team at the Canni Family are attending the Global Leaders in Cannabis and Psychedelics Summit  which is taking place from the 8-10 June Tickets are free and still available.

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