Sativa Learning - The First CPD Accredited CBD and Cannabis Online Learning Platform

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Sativa Learning - The First CPD Accredited CBD and Cannabis Online Learning Platform

We are delighted to announce that Sativa Learning has officially launched an online learning platform, specifically designed to fulfil the educational needs of the nascent cannabis industry.

So what can you expect from Sativa Learning?

Sativa Learning recognises there has been, historically, a lack of understanding around cannabis, and this has caused a certain societal stigma that continues to permeate. It is Sativa Learning’s mission to provide clear, concise knowledge to a variety of industry stakeholders.

The e-learning platform has been developed by leading academics, physicians and regulatory experts to provide credible, formalised education available to all. Medical professionals, entrepreneurs, CBD retailers and individuals alike will benefit from cannabis-based learning; giving them the confidence to either consult with their patients on a higher level, or to provide better guidance and build trust with their customers.

Why is Sativa Learning need?

Although the UK legalised the use of medical cannabis in 2018, education surrounding the subject is still very limited. This has led to many specialist doctors and GP’s alike feeling unsure about prescribing the potentially life-changing treatment, or from simply talking to their patients about their options. Sativa Learning aim to provide the relevant education to avoid myths and misinformation surrounding CBD and medical cannabis.

Founder and CEO of Sativa Learning, Ryan McCreanor, said of the platform: “We wanted to create a series of in-depth, accredited courses to suit a variety of people.

“Learners of all backgrounds; be it medical, business or those in search of a new job, can learn in bitesize modules, at their own pace. Our bespoke courses link learning directly to UK business regulation and law.”

Why is CPD accreditation so important to Sativa Learning?

The first CPD accredited course available from Sativa Learning is the CBD Industry Professional course. The nine educational modules which make up the course provide comprehensive information designed to educate in an interactive and immersive fashion. Subjects include the history of cannabis, the Endocannabinoid system, cannabis plant chemistry, bioavailability and dosing.

It also contains a dedicated law module, covering EU and UK regulations on CBD which has been approved by the cannabis law team at Mackrell Solicitors.

Working alongside Ryan to develop the platform and courses - with two new courses to be unveiled in Summer 2021 - include Professor Mike Barnes, medical cannabis expert; and Hannah Deacon, medical cannabis campaigner and mother of Alfie Dingley, the first patient to receive an NHS medical cannabis prescription.

Professor Mike Barnes said: “There is still a large knowledge gap surrounding medical cannabis and CBD which is resulting in many patients missing out on a life-changing medication. But, we’re also seeing many new CBD start-ups offering CBD wellness products – accompanied by a lack of education.

“Working with Sativa Learning to create this education platform has meant we’re able to provide effective, certified education to cover licensed practitioners, CBD wholesalers or shop owners and job-seekers looking to get ahead of the rest.

“It is important to recognise just how much everyone can benefit from improved knowledge in all things medical cannabis and CBD.”

The legal cannabis and CBD markets continue to thrive worldwide. With this rapidly evolving industry brings the opportunity for new jobs, exciting business prospects and a positive helping hand to create increased, fair access to medical cannabis treatment for those in need. However, it can be difficult to know where to turn to for reliable education.

Sativa Learning is dedicated to delivering a gold standard in cannabis education by providing fact-based, accredited courses encompassing all elements of the cannabis industry. With Sativa Learning, you can avoid the myths and misinformation to learn effectively and at your own pace; wherever, whenever. 

Thank you for reading our blog and if you are interested in trying any of our products please use the code CB10 for a 10% discount on your first order at checkout.


  1. Sativa Learning’s first course, CBD Industry Professional is available to purchase online at
  2. More courses will be released Summer 2021
  3. The courses available by Sativa Learning have been developed by leading UK-based legal cannabis and CBD experts; they are also accredited by the CPD Certification Service
  4. For interviews and enquiries, please contact Emily Staniforth-Burch on 07944 577 863

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