Our water soluble CBD spray - why is it so innovative?

Our water soluble CBD spray - why is it so innovative?

How does our water soluble CBD spray compare to our CBD oil?

Cannabis oil is a fat soluble substance which means that its bio chemistry isn’t soluble in water. The Canni Family CBD oil comes in a Standard strength of 800mg (8%) or 2500mg (25%) per 10 ml bottle, which is taken sublingually under the tongue and absorbed through the thin layer of skin, into the vein, and then into the body endocannabinoid system. The active full spectrum components within the oil include CBD, CBN and CBZ which are shown in our independent lab test reports. This is the the traditional and most popular CBD product.

However due to the way CBD oil is taken, only a proportion Is absorbed sublingually under the tongue, a percentage is always lost down the sides of the mouth into the stomach where it is made obsolete by the gastric juices. If the Canni Family product is taken as instructed and held under the tongue for 3 minutes, before swallowing or drinking, then adequate amounts are absorbed, although the exact dosage can never be known exactly.

Our water soluble CBD spray costs more than our oil and has less CBD in it so why should you consider it?

Our water soluble spray delivers the same active full spectrum cannabidiol into our endocannabinoid system through an innovative processes that converts the fat soluble cannabinoids into water soluble molecules. These molecules are pinned onto Curcumin (aka Turmeric) and are fully absorbed through the lining of the stomach, rather than being lost to the gastric system, meaning that you can ensure that you are receiving the full dosage of 8mg of CBD each time a spray is taken, our oil has 3.5mg per drop. It can also be added to hot or cold drinks which helps if you or the person who is taking it either can’t wait the three minutes to hold the oil under the tongue or doesn’t like the taste.

The feedback so far from our clients is that our Water soluble CBD spray has a faster and stronger effect due to the way the full amount of CBD (8mg per spray) is absorbed from each dose, its pump delivery system makes it easier to use and it has more active ingredients including Curcumim and a few other things to make it taste nicer.  

What is so special about our CBD Water Soluble spray vs other CBD sprays?

The majority of CBD sprays available on the market are still fat soluble, which means you will always lose a certain amount to the gastric system. It is only those that are water soluble that guarantee you will receive the full amount of CBD into your system.

We hope this makes it clearer and that you can now make your product decision based on the facts.

Thank you for reading our blog and if you are interested in trying any of your products please use the code CB10 for a 10% discount on your first order at checkout.



  • Maria

    Hi Zoe!
    Ive been taking PurpleCBD capsules 250 mg from CBD Brothers with not much success to control my osteoarthritis pain.
    How does your product compare and should I order spray rather then oil drops?
    Thank you for your help.

  • Zoe

    Apologies for the delay I hadn’t had a notification that you had asked a question, if you do have any more questions please email me directly and I will respond much quicker to you. Zoe@thecannifamily.co.uk

    Do you already have a nebuliser? If so which make is it?

  • Valerie Williams

    Hi I spoke to Zoe yesterday in connection with the Canni oil that I have been taking and so far I have not had any results. She suggested that I try extra drops and then the spray, which I will do, but Zoe was going to give me a discount and send me a code, which I haven’t received yet. As my oil is running out could you please reply asap. Many thanks. Valerie

  • Zoe

    Hi Sarah

    Thanks for your message. We recommend that you Mix 1-2 pumps of our water soluble cbd with a salt solution and add to your nebulizer as per the instruction of your particular unit. Then use the nebulizer as normal inhaling the mist, which will contain the CBD. This method is very efficient and a pleasant and fast way to consume our CBD and is completely absorbed by the body via the lungs. Any more questions please get in touch via our contact page

  • Sarah webber

    Please can you explain how this can be inhaled in a nebuliser ?
    Thank you !

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