Now that's what I call a referendum! New Zealand's vote on Cannabis and End of Life Choice!

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Now that's what I call a referendum! New Zealand's vote on Cannabis and End of Life Choice!

Now if Carlsberg did referendums then surely they would resemble the forthcoming one soon to be held in New Zealand on the legalisation of cannabis use for any purpose and End of Life choice.

On the 17th of October 2020 the citizens of New Zealand will be asked to vote on these two contentious political and social subjects. Unlike the UK referendum which lead to confusion and a feeling by a large majority that they were not getting the outcomes they felt they voted for, New Zealand has decided to base their referendum on clear facts (rather than political posturing).

This evidence and in-depth information have been put on an official website so that every individual can read the facts and make a decision based on these. How novel, being treated like an adult and being given all the information (instead of half truth and some down right lies) to then make a truly informed decision. 

I applaud Jacinda Arden, PM of New Zealand, not because she is a woman, mother of a young family or has kept a lid on a world wide pandemic by making bold and compassionate decisions (ok I do admire her for all that) but I am so delighted to see that she has not shied away from these challenging issues and rather than making a blanket political decision for her citizens she has given each person of voting age the individual choice.

We have often spoken about at conferences and on this blog about the legalisation of Cannabis and how it would not only allow people to buy products for recreational or medicinal use that were free from chemicals and levels of THC that might cause psychosis, but that it would also enable Governments to tax, regulate and decriminalise this plant, taking people out of the prison system and generating essential income to plug the ever growing deficit in economies the world over.

Whatever the outcome on both votes on the 17th of October at least every one had a choice that came from knowing all the facts. Now that's what I call real democracy! But how would you vote given the choice?

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