How to find a good quality Cannabis/CBD oil and why choose The Canni Family products?

How to find a good quality Cannabis/CBD oil and why choose The Canni Family products?

It is vital that you know what you are putting into your body when it comes to Cannabis/CBD oil.

There are a lot of excellent companies out there selling good quality products. There are also a lot of cowboys selling substandard oil that either has lower amounts of cannabis extract than advertised, higher THC than listed which would show up on a drugs test, or even rancid oil carriers. All of these have been identified in products on sale in the UK including those on sale on Ebay and Amazon.

How do I know my provider is a reputable company?

  1. Can they provide you with Independent Lab Testing Reports for their products? Are they readily available on their website?
  2. Is their labelling clear with regards to how much extract is in the bottle and in each drop/sprays
  3. Do they make medical claims about their products on their website or in the press? Reputable companies sell these products as a food supplement not a medicinal product. Whilst this Cannabis oil has been anecdotally reported to have many great benefits for lots of different conditions it is still legally a food supplement. It is also not a miracle cure or panacea for all things for all people - everyone is different so a good company makes no claims - however if customers want to talk about the products they have bought on social media that is up to them.
  4. Recommendations on social media or from friends is always a sure fire way to know that what you are buying has at least been good for someone you know.

So why choose The Canni Family cold pressed Cannabis/CBD oil products?

  1. We currently offer the best value on the market in terms of quality and pricing in the UK CBD market. E.g. The top 5 brands selling 500mg of Cannabis oil (10ml bottle) range from between £39.99 - 59.99. We sell it for £28.95 and we do this because we want our quality to be high and our prices to be fair, always!
  2. Why we think cold pressed oil best!
  3. We make no medical claims about our products.
  4. We provide Independent Lab Testing Reports reports on our website.
  5. We have a 5* TrustPilot rating: Excellent: 9.9 out of 10
  6. What Doctors Don't Tell You! - Twice listed in their top 3 trusted suppliers.
Thank you for reading our blog and if you are interested in trying any of our products please use the code CB20 for a 20% discount on your first order at checkout.

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