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Faster and stronger effect | Drinkable | Inhalable | Pleasant taste | Easy to use | More active ingredients 

• 8mg CBD per pump/spray
• 400mg CBD per bottle 
• 50 pumps/sprays per bottle


Our Water Soluble products are an innovative and drinkable alternative to CBD oil, meaning you completely absorbed the full amount of CBD into your body. You can add it to a drink as, even though it is a lower dosage than our oil, you ingest the full amount of CBD extract which you don't with standard CBD oil making it more effective in terms of absorption and cost. It also comes in a hand dosage per pump bottle.

Regular CBD oil products and cannabinoids are fat soluble and are therefore mainly degraded by the stomach if it is not absorbed under the tongue. With the oil there is always an amount that is lost down the side of the mouth and into the gastric system which means it doesn't reach the bloodstream when taken under the tongue. 1mg of our Water Soluble is the equivalent to 20mg of oil due to its bioavailability.  If you would like to learn more about why we believe our water soluble is an innovation and what we mean by bioavailability you can read our blog which explains this in more detail.

Our Water Soluble blend now comes with Curcumin (Turmeric root) or without Curcumin (Turmeric root) and both dissolve into any drink or food, making dropping under the tongue a thing of the past. It also tastes a lot nicer. 

Have you seen our version of Water Soluble CBD which doesn't contain Curcumin (Turmeric Root)? This ensures that no additional flavouring is added to your cherished cuppa and it can be added to any food or drink or put directly into the mouth - you can select 'without curcumin' above for this version! Also if you don't like the taste of CBD oils and sprays this one has virtually no taste when added to a drink or food.

All of our Water Soluble products can be used in a nebuliser so that the active ingredients can be inhaled.

We recommend 1-2 pumps a day with a maximum of 5 pumps in 24 hours. You can't overdose on it but we consider this to be a recommended maximum amount.

It only contains the amount of CBD that naturally occurs in the 'Canabis Sativa L' hemp plant.

Rated 5* Excellent for customer service and product quality by TrustPilot and Safebuy. Read our customer reviews.

INGREDIENTS: Water, with or without Curcumin (Turmeric root), Vegetable Glycerine, Triglycerides, Myrcene, Caryophyllene, Limonene, Pinene, Linalool, Sodium Bicarbonate, CBD, CBC, CBG. Contains 400mg Water Soluble CBD

Our products do not contain heavy metals and pesticides and are GMO free

All of our products are Vegan friendly


Customer Reviews

Based on 41 reviews
Iris Telford
Water based cbd

I have tried other brands of cbd but I find this product is the best. I have been using the water based cbd with curcumin for a number of years. I think it has helped with anxiety and inflammation in my body. This is a very good company to do business with and I would highly recommend them.

Bruce Alexander
CBD water soluble

I have been using this product from the Canni Family for the last four years. It keeps me level headed focused and calm.
I sleep so much better and awake fresher too.
The Canni Familys service is outstanding and will always help you with any questions you have have.
I would highly recommend them to anyone 👍

Daniel Alexander

Really helps with my knee pain after a old football injury. Also really improves my sleep quality. Cbd is now a essential part of my life. Thank you.

Rebeca Charlton
Love this cbd

I first started buying this product from the canni family many years ago for my elderly dog that had arthritis & it really improved her quality of life for her last few years. I continued to buy this for my other dogs for any injuries they ever had & it’s brilliant. I also use it daily for one of my dogs as he now has arthritis too and it really does make such a difference. The quality of this product is 10/10. Zoe is also lovely and will always help if needed so I highly recommend The canni family always!

Leslie Clemens
I’ve been a customer of The Canni…

I’ve been a customer of The Canni Family for about a year, after trying a few other CBD products I personally think there’s is better. And they just send it to me in the post and it’s through my door in a couple of day.

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