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Our SKIN CBD serum rejuvenates your skin leaving it vibrant. It completely absorbs into the skin within seconds, leaving no oily or sticky residue just smooth skin. Containing only natural ingredients.

Our customers have told us that they use SKIN CBD for a whole host of different skin irritations, with excellent results, including eczema, Psoriasis, Adolescent skin, rashes, Skin cancer flare ups, burns including sunburn, nappy rash....... the list continues to grow however we see it as a great bathroom cupboard staple to calm the skin!

Also containing: 

Turmeric oil has antiseptic properties. Reducing redness and the appearance of dark circles & stretch marks. Soothing dry skin.

Aloe Vera Has benefits for your skin. The high water content (99.5 per cent) means it's very hydrating, soothing and cooling (that's why it's a common ingredient in after sun products). It also soothes the skin.

Rated 5* Excellent for customer service and product quality by TrustPilot and Safebuy. Read our customer reviews.

Directions for use: Apply twice a day. Pump into your hand & massage into skin. Avoid contact with the eyes & keep out of the reach of children.

Ingredients: Aloe Vera Gel , Black Seed Oil, Glycerin, Turmeric Essential Oil, Camphor Essential Oil, Ginger Essential Oil, CBD 30mg, Turmeric powder (Dipropylene Glycol and Xantham Gum - viscosity controllers)

Made in the United Kingdom. 


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