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PLEASE NOTE: OUR LARGER BOTTLE SIZES (20/30ml) CONTAIN MORE OF OUR 5% COLD PRESSED OIL, THEY ARE NOT STRONGER, YOU JUST TAKE MORE TO REACH THE REQUIRED PERCENTAGE. Find out why we believe it is more cost effective for you to buy lower strength products and to take more drops.

10ml - 500mg - 230 drops  

20ml - 1000mg - 460 drops 

30ml - 1500mg - 690 drops

Our Classic oil has a 1:1 ratio of Hempseed oil and Cold Pressed Hemp, which only contains the amount of CBD that naturally occurs in the 'Canabis Sativa L' Hemp plant. 

Our products are broad spectrum, meaning the whole plant is used, and the oil comes from a Cold Press process, rather than the usual method of C02 heat extraction, to ensure it contains the cannabionoids, terpenes and terpenoids. This is known to be the safest and most effective way to ensure all compounds remain active and present in your bottle. It is also why we no longer call it just CBD oil as it contains so much more!

Review our Independent Lab Reports for more details on what is and isn't in our products!

Our products do not contain heavy metals and pesticides.

INGREDIENTS: Cold Pressed Cannabis/Hemp (50%) Hempseed Oil (50%)

All of our products are Vegan friendly.